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One of the best fields to enter (if you are worried about the job market) is accounting. Accounting majors leave school with a specific set of skills that many different types of employers need.

Students in Florida can enroll in a wide variety of accounting or business classes and degree programs. Florida has so many different universities and career training programs that most students can find just what they want without having to leave the state.

And a lot of students are signing up for traditional trade programs such as vehicle mechanics, HVAC maintenance and electrical work. Check out for more.

Culinary arts students typically enroll in campus-based courses rather than online classes. Becoming a chef takes training and experience. While you can learn some information online, a chef in training needs to work in a real kitchen in order to master the various knife and tool techniques, cooking and presentation skills.

One area that many students find appealing is restaurant management. Managing a restaurant, nightclub, resort, spa, cruise ship, etc. can be a fast-paced, demanding, yet enjoyable job. This field, generally known as hospitality management is where a lot of people who have restaurant experience, but aren't inclined to working in the kitchen, find themselves. Working your way up in the hospitality industry depends a lot upon your formal education, so a bachelor's degree is recommended.

But if you don't have your high school diploma yet, you need to take care of that first. While you don't actually have to go back to high school to get your diploma, you do need to get your GED. Obtaining your GED involves sitting for and passing the GED exam. It isn't that hard to do, but it will take some effort. Find out more.


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